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auf der suche nach zuhause.

[looking for home.]

in a world where i can live wherever i want, where am i at home?

i asked myself the question of how to find a place where one feels at home. in other words, a place where you want to live. that was the initial question that set me on my way to different places and people, so that in the end i no longer only had my own perspective, but many. it was never about finding a universal answer, but about broadening my perspective. 
i spoke to nine people and asked them what home means to them and what tips they would give me on how to find a place that i call home. i chose a documentary film approach. 
in the end, as expected, there was no one answer to my question. but throughout the creative process, i got to know different motives for calling a place "home". i realized for myself that perhaps it's not about understanding the first place you try out away from home as home, but about trying out a lot and, above all, finding yourself first. and once you've arrived in a place that you don't want to leave for the time being, then you've probably found "home" for yourself.

documentary [master thesis]

2020 | fh joanneum, graz


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