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joy story

sex toys, love and rock 'n' roll.

have you ever wondered what a 3d animated series about sex toys would look like? welcome to the fucking academy!


months later, you often can't tell where some ideas came from. but when we, a course full of media students, first had this idea that we wanted to bring it to life. and so the animation series about sex toys at the fucking academy was born.


it's a story about growing up, identity conflicts and friendship. and sex.



every year, young sex toys come to fucking academy to become the best version of themselves. this year there's a freshman who doesn't really know what kind of sex toy he is yet. or what he's good for. (do you recognize him?)


so this semester is all about finding yourself, celebrating differences, and ultimately finding meaning in life.

3d animation series [trailer]

2020 | fh joanneum, graz


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