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good to see you.

hi there, i'm meike. to be honest - i used to be a strategist. and now i'm a creative concepter. and exactly where i belong. because my head was too fuzzy for strategy and owns just the right amount of chaos for creation.

i'm pretty good at imitating dialects, whenever i'm working i take off one shoe and as a child i studied the tv guide like a real newspaper. i have a list for everything: exceptionally good movies, funny words and of course creative ideas. if anyone in the office runs to the coffee machine singing with their ukulele, it's me. sorry about that.


creative concepter
at denkwerk in cologne | since 03/22
strategic planner
at denkwerk in cologne | 10/21-03/22
master in media design
at fh joanneum in graz, austria | 10/19-10/21
bachelor in intermedia
university of cologne | 10/15-03/19
school of oriental and african studies in london | 09/17-12/17
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